Assurance - that their patients are never out of sight 

    Why start with asthma?

  • Asthma is ranked as one of the top 5 most expensive diseases, costing the US over $63 billion annually - WebMD.
  • Affected: >25.5 million (US) - 1 in 12 Americans, 16 million between the ages 18-64
  • Direct costs: $10,095 (Kaiser Permanente’s Southern California study)
  • Avoidable costs if asthma is not under control (average): $14k to $26k
  • Patented and patent-pending digital health technology


a whole new way to manage health

Accuracy - that medical billing is reliably error-free

Surety - that the data is reliable for building a healthier society 


Confidence - that their doctor is always beside them

As if the Dr. is always with the patient …

Healthcare Monitoring On-the-Go!

Solving Healthcare Problems Using
IDMS* Technology Platform
*Internet-based Disease Monitoring System (IDMS)

Outcome and value-based, preventive and patient-centered healthcare requires a holistic, reliable and economical solution 

Our platform technology enables personalized disease monitoring, at anytime and anywhere

LPI's cloud-based digital health technologies connect all healthcare stakeholders in real-time, optimizing quality care while minimizing cost, effort and complications 


Digital Health Solutions Expected to Save U.S. Healthcare System More Than $100 Billion over Next Four Years - Accenture finds

FDA Approvals of Digital Health Solutions Expected to Triple – June 4, 2015

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