Patients would like to have the comfort to know that:

  •  Their chronic condition is being watched by their caregivers in real-time
  •  They would be timely alerted to any adverse conditions and symptoms at the earliest
  •  They would be able to get the needed advice and care at anytime from anywhere 

Physicians would like to have the confidence that:

  •  They have up to-date comprehensive data on their patient’s condition, predictive analytics and treatment compliance
  •  They are immediately notified if their patient’s condition nears a critical limit
  •  Billing and related administrative matters will be worry-free, automatic, efficient and accurate

A real-time disease monitoring system applied to spirometry, the first of several future products

Payers would like to have the trust that:

  •  Each patient’s billing as received is authenticated, complete and accurate
  •  The billing is verifiably reimbursable according to the patient’s insurance policy
  •  Reimbursement is error-free, processed efficiently and automatically

Healthcare policy-makers would like to be assured that:

  •  Disease trends are captured in real-time for personalized care to enhance quality of life
  •  The data is accurate, comprehensive and reliable resulting in better health outcomes
  •  They are able to plan for and manage critical healthcare needs at the earliest


> Full-function spirometer (5 primary parameters) plus
> Flow/Volume loop and Volume/Time graph with Oximetry
> Self-calibrating and non-contaminating system
> Shirt-pocket size and ergonomic design
> User-friendly, simple and very low cost
> Patented and patent-pending digital health technology

a whole new way to manage health

A Digital/mHealth System Solution
Cloud-based platform technology for real-time monitoring of chronic diseases – for proprietary and OEM products


> Cloud-based real-time, mobile connectivity
> Patient-Provider-Payer integration
> User-friendly, no user maintenance
> Outcome-based, holistic disease management
> Robust patent-pending system
> Platform for other 3rd party and OEM devices

LPI aims at providing all of the above through interactive, predictive analytics

Increased efficiency, clinical usefulness and ease of use - along with

Reduced complexity, size and cost

A simple, highly compact, very low cost, modular and remote/ wireless disease monitoring system to benefit patients, physicians, insurance companies and other stakeholders in the healthcare system.

Among its clinical benefits are;

Accurate real-time monitoring to minimize instances of disease, predictive modeling, early intervention and reduced complications. Offering disease prevention, early diagnosis, reduced hospitalization and warning of imminent incidence through alerts, interactive instructions and guidance for appropriate and timely management and action.

Among the expected improvements to the healthcare system are;

Prompt medical attention, efficient disease management, automation of records and billing, comprehensive population health planning – for holistic, real-time, outcome-based and more personalized medicine.